Twenty TrailBlazers and one canine under the command of Captain Linda headed up the Pig Trail on a cold and gray morning to hike the loop that is across from the Redding Campground.  The good news was that no rain was predicted and none materialized for our 7 1/2 mile hike (if electronic devices are to be believed!).

Twenty-six TrailBlazers, including several welcome new faces, finally launched our first hike of 2016 on a new trail for the club, the Greenwood Trail up to Bell Park on top of a bluff.  The weather did not cooperate last week, so with Becky at the helm it was great to get the lead out after a hiatus of several weeks!

Nineteen TrailBlazers and one canine under the lead of Captain Linda headed to Lake Fort Smith on a very mild, but gray day to check out a new trail for us, Shepherd Springs Loop. We avoided the rain, thanks to Yours Truly, who brought her heavy raincoat and her old camera with the chip in the lens to successfully foil any precip with her advanced version of reverse psychology! As we trekked along, we had several glimpses of the large lake that seems to go on forever.

After the fiasco of the Great American Turkey Weekend Washout, fifteen TrailBlazers and one canine under the command of Judith and Ed were more than ready to head for Lake Lincoln on a sunny day to get the lead out. It was a little chilly early on but in no time we warmed up trekking up and down.

Eighteen TrailBlazers under the command of Captain Katie headed to Oklahoma on a chilly, gray, blustery day to hike Rough Canyon Trail and check out the caves. It was a tad nippy while waiting in line to use the facilities, a time-consuming operation with so many hikers of the female persuasion in our club! Once we hit the trail it was not so windy, so it turned out to be a great day for hiking. In the fullness of time the sun even came out to warm us up and brighten the remains of fall foliage.

Kenya reports: Despite the rainy weather we had a great turnout for our 13th Tim Ernst show tonight. The thunder and rain competed with the music a few times but the photos were exceptional as always. 

Thirty-three TrailBlazers under the command of Captain Becky headed to Petit Jean on a beautiful day in search of the seven hollows. If truth be told, all seven hollows are a tad elusive which means that either there are fewer than seven, or that all seven cannot be seen from the trails! Some fall color was still in evidence but it has passed its prime. Yours Truly hates to admit it but some of the hikers in our club, including herself, also may have passed our peak, but we keep on trucking!