Fourteen Trailblazers braved the cold winds early on this Saturday morning. The sky was clear and sun bright. By the time we crossed the footbridge above the falls, the warmth had taken over. We should have known this would happen; it always warms once the uphill starts. We hiked to the overlook on the north side of the falls and then to Rock House Cave.

 We had lunch at Blue Hole and then headed to Cedar Falls. The water wasn't flowing very much but was still a beautiful sight. A few in our group had never been to the bottom of the falls and really enjoyed the scene. As most know, the next part of the hike is the "Stair Master" of the Park. I'm sure the distance must equal three miles - straight up - to Mather Lodge.

 The day was excellent for enjoying the trails. The weather couldn't have been much better.

Next week we hike the Vista Trail at Lake Ouachita.  Please sign up on the site if you plan to go.