Twenty-two intrepid hikers braved cool temperatures that felt downright cold due to the wind that whipped up whitecaps on Cove Lake.  We parked in the free parking area on the north side of the dam and hiked the loop in a clockwise manner.  We warmed up nicely when we left the main trail to climb to the lookout to view Mt. Magazine.  The trip down was way easier and the rest of the hike more moderate. 


 The back side of the lake was filled with more downed trees than before and the main bridge was hit by a large blowdown that severely damaged one end of the bridge.  It looked dangerous, but no problem for the Trailblazers!  When we finally got to the picnic area (after someone questioned the possibility of being lost! Huh?),  we were met by more wind exposed areas, and a not-too-comfortable lunch. The break was welcome, however, and the walk through the park was easy. The wind chill crossing the dam made our nice warm cars very welcome, indeed.  Hope everyone had a good hike!

Pictures are below.