Finally, a beautiful sunny day with no rain so the TrailBlazers could get back on the trails. We were definitely ready to hike after canceling the last two hikes due to rain. Lots of hikers were out and the Centerpoint Trailhead parking lot was packed. Cars were having to park across the street in the overflow lot.


As we were hiking out, there were large groups headed to the bluff. We had 15 hikers today and this was the first time for eight of them to go to Big Bluff. Howard and Karen from Springfield MO also joined us on another hike.  First-timers really enjoyed the view from the Bluff, but not sure they all enjoyed the trek back up & up & up & up!!!!  


The Buffalo River was flowing good from the rain we've had. The canoes and kayakers were moving fast down the river. Of course, the boats on the river looked really small from Big Bluff since we were 440 feet above them. The view from Big Bluff is amazing and a great place to eat lunch. We  heard the trail was muddy in the low places and it was definitely muddy. 


On our way home as we passed the Glory Hole Trailhead and it was packed with cars on both sides of the highway. We hope Christina is feeling better this evening as she was having a rough time on the curvy roads with motion sickness. She said it was not my driving!!   


Spring is coming!  Get Up, Get Out, Hike Arkansas!