Thirty-six Trailblazers, guests and 6 dogs took the long and winding road to the top of White Rock Mountain. 

We had heard that there was controlled burning on Alexander Mtn. but weren't sure where that mountain is.  Unfortunately, it is one of the mountain summits near White Rock, so smoke was in the air, but it could have been much worse. A lot of road work has been done on the paved section after the turn toward Shores Lake and on the unpaved road up the mountain making for a more pleasant trip.  It was nice to finally see water in Shores Lake again after being drained and dry for what seemed like years.  Since this is a popular loop trail, we divided our large group into two smaller groups to hike the trail in opposite directions. With all the leaves off the trees you are really able to see the height of the bluff line and the huge boulders that make up the bluff.  No sign of spring flowers on the trail yet, but we did see lots of daffodils on the drive up. Two brave Trailblazers brought their bicycles to the top of the mountain and road them down to Shores Lake.  Hope they made it!


Picture credits: Sherri, Peggy, Desiree