Sixteen showed up for the Sunday afternoon hike at Lee Creek. There was still snow on the ground and with the breeze, the air was chilled.   However, once moving, we warmed up nicely.

We hiked the Cemetery Loop and then headed for Cracked Rock Trail. There was no water at the falls, but the view from the bluff was nice. We did a short loop on Homestead Trail and then headed back to the vehicles. Several other hikers were on the trails as were mountain bikers. It was a good day to be out in the fresh air.

Eighteen TrailBlazers and two Blazer-dogs walked 4-plus miles through the old fort historic grounds and along the river this cool breezy afternoon. This hike is our annual post Thanksgiving Turkey Trot to work off calories.

Once again the TrailBlazers as well as lots of other people were treated to a new slide show by Tim Ernst at Grace Community Church. This program accompanied by music, was called Arkansas, In My Backyard and featured photos taken within a 10 mile radius of his cabin in scenic Cloudland.  Well, at least it started out to be 10 miles, then he found some interesting shots at 11 miles, and finally quit at 12 miles!

Twenty-eight TrailBlazers with some welcome newcomers headed to Petit Jean on a brisk, some would say cold, fall morning to hike the Seven Hollows Trail.  It was a bright and sunny day so it was great for hiking.  The group did a great job of hiding the dumpster when Yours Truly took the group pic at the trailhead.  Way to go, TrailBlazers!  Dumpsters are NOT scenic or natural, just a necessary evil!


Twenty-eight TrailBlazers under the command of Captain Dana took the scenic drive to Mt. Magazine State Park on a beautiful, sunny fall day.  Upon reaching the top of the mountain, we were relieved to still see blue skies with lots of sun.  There have been times when we have arrived at the Visitors Center to find ourselves enveloped in fog clear down to our toes!  On those occasions we had to take our group pic indoors, but not today!  Upon our arrival at the Visitors Center, imagine our surprise to see Alice Nahas who hiked with us a lot in the early years of the club.  Welcome back, Alice, and come again when you can!


Twenty TrailBlazers including some newcomers headed for Pedestal Rocks under the command of Buffalo Bob on a slightly overcast day with coolish temperatures that made for great hiking conditions. The trailhead is about 7 miles east of the intersection of Pelsor and Highway 7.  Fortunately we had plenty of parking spaces available upon our arrival because this is a popular place to hike.

Eighteen TrailBlazers and one canine headed to Fayetteville on a warm and sunny October day to hike on Mt. Kessler with Judith and Ed as our hike leaders.  Upon our arrival at the trailhead, Frank Sharp was there to greet us and tell us about the new innovations.