Twenty-four TrailBlazers headed out to the Ozark Highland Trail with the intention of hiking from FR1547 to Big Piney Trailhead past Haw Creek campground.  But, despite much searching and discussion as we drove along FR 1547, we never found where the trail crosses the road.  So, we hatched an alternate plan.

Twenty-four hikers under the command of Captain Gloria braved cold temperatures and a very brisk east wind to loop Cove Lake at Mt. Magazine State Park.



Here is the scoop from Buffalo Bob, the hike leader:  
Eighteen showed for the 7 1/2 mile hike today, and we had one furry, four legged hiker ready for the adventure. The morning started out chilly but that didn't last very long. Layers came off down to tank tops as the day progressed  It was an absolutely beautiful and  perfect day for a hike. A BIG shout out to Antonio, Kayla, Matthew, Arash, and Angelina. They and several others in the group had never been on this hike. 

Nineteen Trailblazers, 2 canines and 2 hikers we found on the road to the Sphinx had a perfect day for hiking the Ozarks. We started on the short, but steep hike up to the rock formation known as the Arkansas Sphinx. There we met Jen and Joey, from Bentonville, looking for the trail head. They parked and joined us on the hike. Everyone who attempted the hike up the mountain made it to the top.  The trip down was a little more treacherous with several slips and falls, but luckily only one dislocated finger.  He was goofing around later in the day so I guess he wasn't injured too badly. 

Twenty TrailBlazers and one canine under the command of Captain Linda headed up the Pig Trail on a cold and gray morning to hike the loop that is across from the Redding Campground.  The good news was that no rain was predicted and none materialized for our 7 1/2 mile hike (if electronic devices are to be believed!).

Twenty-six TrailBlazers, including several welcome new faces, finally launched our first hike of 2016 on a new trail for the club, the Greenwood Trail up to Bell Park on top of a bluff.  The weather did not cooperate last week, so with Becky at the helm it was great to get the lead out after a hiatus of several weeks!

Nineteen TrailBlazers and one canine under the lead of Captain Linda headed to Lake Fort Smith on a very mild, but gray day to check out a new trail for us, Shepherd Springs Loop. We avoided the rain, thanks to Yours Truly, who brought her heavy raincoat and her old camera with the chip in the lens to successfully foil any precip with her advanced version of reverse psychology! As we trekked along, we had several glimpses of the large lake that seems to go on forever.