Today we assembled at the Nature Center for the first activity of the 2017-2018 hiking season.  We enjoyed refreshments and visited with people new and old.  Our program was to inform us about the bear and big cat population in Arkansas.  OK, OK, hold your horses and don’t be so impatient!  Yours Truly knows you are champing at the bit to hear about the surprise.


Here goes the surprise.  Our guest speaker was a no-show!  This was a first in the history of our club; there is nothing like a little variety!  We know it was scheduled but don’t know what happened.  It could be that something came up or possibly there was a misunderstanding about date or location.  We certainly will give him the benefit of the doubt as we would want someone to do for us!


Little did Becky know when she vaulted out of bed this morning that she would end up standing in front of us with a microphone attached!  Anyway, our Becky managed to wing it.  She told newcomers about our club and what kind of hikes we do.  After that people asked questions, made comments, contributed tidbits about their outdoor experiences, gave us information, and told us about their animal encounters in the wild in the Natural State that was previously known as the Bear State.  Who knew?  Becky did!


We had the opportunity to meet with friends we hadn’t seen for a while and also meet several newcomers.  In addition, Yours Truly had not posted the website since May so this gives her the opportunity for a trial run to remove cobwebs from her brains and rediscover the wheel on how to post the pics, do the write-up, and manage to post the web site without pitching a fit!  That’s why no sledgehammers are permitted anywhere near the computer!  If things go really bad, I can always throw myself on the mercy of our technical guru, Eloise!


Good to see everyone. Next Sat. there is a cleanup at Lake Fort Smith - check for details on this site.   Please sign up if you ever want to join us on a hike!

Pictures are below.