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On the nicest Saturday we have had this spring, twenty-one TrailBlazers headed up highway 21 to Glory Hole, one of the most unique waterfalls in the Ozarks.

Arriving about 10 AM, there was no problem parking. The dogwoods and several kinds of flowers were blooming along the trail. We were treated to a very nice flow of water in the creek that poured through the hole in the bluff overhang. After lots of picture taking, we made our way down the hillside to see the waterfall coming through the hole.  Eight people enjoyed the waterfall and the beautiful area for the first time. 

We climbed up the hill back to the cars and drove about 3 miles to our next trailhead – Magnolia Falls.  The trail to the falls is through the forest with huge boulders on the hillside, a stone fence built by a homesteader many years ago and again blooming dogwoods. When we reached the falls, we quickly found a spot to sit and have lunch. 

There was only one umbrella magnolia growing out of rock in the water at Magnolia Falls but several were in the area below the bluff line by Woods Boys Falls. We had hoped they would be blooming but they had not opened up.

On the drive back we passed Glory Hole and cars were lined up on both sides of the highway.  Lots of people were out enjoying the beautiful, scenic Ozark Mountains.

Pictures from Linda, Peggy, Steve and Becky.