TrailBlazers hiked about 5 miles on the trails at Lincoln Lake.

  Last year’s hike was canceled due to weather so it was nice to get back to this beautiful area.  We climbed the hill from the parking area and hiked to the very scenic overlook of the lake but did not tarry long as the wind was blowing and cold. The trail has been rerouted in places to pass through scenic, large boulder areas.  The rain Friday evening made the creek too high for us to wade without water shoes.  While we were there checking it out, a young couple came from the other direction and made it across.  However, they had to continue their hike with wet feet. We backtracked on the trail and did the Eagle View Loop (no eagle sightings for us).  We stopped in a moss covered rocky area where we ate lunch and then made our way back to the lake overlook area. From there the trail back to the parking area goes along the top of a bluff area overlooking huge boulders. 

Picture credits: Bill, Linda, Peggy, Steve