TrailBlazers mission for hiking the 8 1/2 mile amazing Buckeye Mountain/Caney Creek trails was to get it hiked before the rain came.

And we were successful!  After the long drive and shuttling cars, we got started on the trail mid-morning.  This hike is best done in colder weather because of the climb up Buckeye Mountain. You warm up really fast and start shedding layers.  The little wild flowers were blooming so pretty all along the trail and were such a beautiful treat in the brown woods. Buckeye Mountain ridge has beautiful 360-views of the surrounding mountain ranges and lots of nice boulders with interesting shapes.  We put off lunch till 1:30 PM so we could eat at Katy Falls at the half-way point.  It’s always nice to see and hear the pretty waterfall while dining.  Caney Creek was at normal water levels so we did not have to change into our wading shoes 3 or 4 times like when the water is high.  The trail zigzags back and forth across the creek all the way to the end. There are many SSS's (i.e. super-scenic-spots) on this hike.  We had another great day on the trail in our beautiful state.

 Text: Linda. Pictures: Linda & Steve.