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TrailBlazers hiked in Oklahoma at Natural Falls State Park.

The weather forecast called for rain but we lucked out and only got sprinkled on during the drive. The park is just across the state line 6 miles west of Siloam Springs in a very picturesque area. The trail to the falls is short but steep and narrow in places. There are three waterfalls and a cove dripping water. From there we hiked along a creek to the lake and spillway. Three turtles were sunning on rocks in the water. The Coon Ghost Trail was mostly a walk through the woods. On the drive back most of us made a stop at Natural Dam to view the falls. In the parking lot two black piglets were grubbing around. Grant took pity and fed them carrots and an apple making them very happy. It was a beautiful day to enjoy hiking with a great group of TrailBlazers.{gallery}2019-10-19-Natural-Falls-State-Park{/gallery}


Text: Becky

Pictures: Peggy, Steve, Katie,  Becky