The Trailblazers had Sam’s Throne on the schedule but with all the cold weather and snow this week, we decided to postpone and go to Devils Den.

Eleven Trailblazers were happy to get out and enjoy the warmer temps. The Yellow Rock hike started at the overlook shelter built by the CCC in 1934. We made the loop with very muddy conditions and came back to the overlook shelter to eat our lunch sitting in the sun. 
Six of us made our way down to the Moonshiners Cave for the very first time. In all the years we have been going to Devils Den State Park, we did not know about it until recently. The Moonshiners built a wonderful wall to close in a cave to make their moonshine. Very interesting! It was a gorgeous day in one of Arkansas's prettiest state parks.
Text: Linda
Photos: Linda & Becky