Eleven Trailblazers went to Lincoln Lake and was hoping to hike all around the lake. I saw a post on the lake website that said Moore Creek crossing was 1 1/2 feet deep earlier in the week with more rain expected. So, we had to make alterations to our trek. We hiked a very scenic trail to the dam and crossed it in a very stiff, cold wind. We hiked the Piney Loop and enjoyed walking on the soft pine needles. Then we back tracked to the parking lot and hiked on the other side out to the point on the lake. The trail has been rerouted and now runs along the edge of the cliff to the point. We ate our lunches on the point and got to see some Eagles flying around the lake. We also watched a kayaker fishing below us and wondered how that could be very much fun in the cold wind. A group decision was made to return to the parking lot since we had hiked 5 miles already. Eva continued on to the creek and reported it was deep. We enjoyed having two newcomers, Mark and Jodie, join us today. Welcome!
Text: Linda
Photos: Linda, Bill, Gloria, Becky, Sherri