February 29, our extra day that only comes around every 4 years, was a beautiful warm, sunny, winter day perfect for hiking. 

Thirty-one Trailblazers, including three new hikers, traveled up the Pig Trail to the King's River Falls Natural Area near Boston, AR to hike the one mile trail down to the King's River Falls and the beautiful side cascade. We spent time exploring the area and taking pictures, then headed for the cars for our adventure on the unknown route to Sweden Creek Falls.  We traveled dirt county roads for 10+ miles to connect to Hwy 74.  At one point, it was questionable if we were actually on a road or in someone's cow pasture! But, a road it was and after crossing the second cattle guard, we were on our way.  Parking was a problem at Sweden Creek Falls trail head since many others had the same idea we had about hiking that day. Hikers enjoyed the views from the top of the 80-foot waterfall and below the falls.  The upper trail is the much easier choice to hike as the lower trail is mainly rocks, many of them wet, with drips on your head from the bluff line. It's probably very pretty down below the falls in the spring, but today it was very brown. Neither falls disappointed as each had nice water flowing.

Text: Kenya

Photos: Steve, Peggy, Deborah, Becky, Patty