Ten TrailBlazers headed to the Buffalo National River area to hike to Big Bluff, a 440-foot bluff above the river.

It was a perfect day with cool temperature, blue sky and sunshine. From Van Buren, the drive to the trail head is about two hours.  As we drove through Boxley Valley, we saw a herd of Elk grazing.  The trail head parking lot was already full when we arrived so we had to park across the highway along a side road.  The trail goes down the mountain gradually to start but there are a couple of rather steep sections that are no problem going in but coming out can be challenging. With leaf off, we were able to see the mountains in the distance. When we arrived at the bluff, we all found a special spot to sit and take in the view of the Buffalo River far below us. We saw two hikers wade across the river and three horseback riders came from the opposite direction a few minutes later. After picture taking and exploring along the bluff line, we began our trek back up the mountain. Another great day spent enjoying the beautiful scenery in the Ozark Mountains.