A small group of TrailBlazers made the best of a seemingly dreary day, and the uncertainty we are all facing, to get some much needed outdoor time. We were very careful to keep up the new protocols of social distancing, no handing off cell phones for pictures, and no close group shots.
The decision to hit the trails was a good one! Water was flowing everywhere down the mountain which made for countless water crossings and gushing waterfalls. Dormant plant life was springing alive!  It was just shy of a 6 mile trek going out on the Shepard Springs Trail and returning to the Visitor Center on the Ozark Highland Trail. Well worth the mileage!
Regretfully, this is the last hike this spring due to the covid-19 virus threat.  Hopefully, we will be able to resume our hikes come October.  Stay safe every one!!
Text: Peggy
Photos: Peggy & Amy