TrailBlazers had a beautiful cool morning to hike at Lake Fort Smith State Park.

Starting from the Visitors Center, we made our first stop at the lake overlook for our group picture. Linda was our hike leader and led us along the Ozark Highland Trail which is 160 miles long and ends in Northeast Arkansas at the Missouri border. 18th century settlers built cabins in this area and there are 3 rock chimneys still standing in the first 2 miles of the trail. Even though there was rain this week, there was very little water running and the waterfall was dripping. There is a section of the trail where the ivy has taken over and covered the ground and trees. After taking a lunch break the group split up with some back tracking on the trail and others taking the road back to the Visitors Center. The road walkers only encountered motor cyclists while the others dealt with a water moccasin on the trail.  Thankfully, no one was hurt by either.   We welcomed two new hikers today: Jill and Carol from Fayetteville.