Twenty-seven TrailBlazers were pleased to welcome several newcomers and/or first timers to hike to three waterfalls located in the same general area.  The weather was bright, sunny and quite warm, or downright hot in the opinion of Yours Truly!  The greenery along the drive was just a forerunner of what we would see on the trails.


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Twenty-two Trailblazers, including 4 first timers, headed up to Newton County on the annual pilgrimage to Buffalo Lodge.  The drive up was beautiful with lovely clouds, spring greenery, dogwood, redbuds, and hills covered with all shades of green. The weather wasn’t as good as we would have liked, but it certainly wasn’t as bad as it could have been!  We were able to have our Friday night hot dog roast outside around the campfire.  Weather did preclude having a 2016 River Rat Team paddle the Buffalo, but we still were able to hike with some mist and overcast skies on Saturday and improved weather on Sunday.


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Twenty-eight TrailBlazers and one canine, including newcomers who are always welcome, headed up to Fayetteville on a beautiful day for our third annual trek on the Greenways Trails where lots of new projects are in the works.  Frank Sharp met us at the parking lot to tell us about the changes, the first of which was that we were going to access the trail right from the parking lot rather than from his neat home nestled in the trees up the road.  His famous pizza lunches were growing too large to accommodate so many people up there. 

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Twenty-seven TrailBlazers and 2 canines headed up Highway 215 north of Mulberry on a beautiful Sunday afternoon to explore Fern Gully, an elusive place to find since it isn’t marked.  After taking the right hand curve on 215, we missed seeing the A-frame house, our landmark – surely someone moved the A-frame farther back from the road to confuse us – but we did manage to find the forest road anyway!  Newcomers soon found out what a rocky road is, and it’s not ice cream!

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Fourteen TrailBlazers under the command of Captain Linda headed up Highway 215 to Shores Lake/White Rock Trail Loop on a coolish morning that promised us lots of sunshine and beautiful blue skies and did not disappoint us.

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The day started out cloudy with the threat of rain.  However, six TrailBlazers didn't allow that threat to keep them in town.  The drive south had an occasional mist and low lying clouds, but we had hope that the day would be rain free.

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We had a perfect day hiking & climbing up to Sam's Throne today. Lots of new hikers joined us today and I think they really enjoyed this neat area.

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