Kenya reports: Despite the rainy weather we had a great turnout for our 13th Tim Ernst show tonight. The thunder and rain competed with the music a few times but the photos were exceptional as always. 

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Thirty-three TrailBlazers under the command of Captain Becky headed to Petit Jean on a beautiful day in search of the seven hollows. If truth be told, all seven hollows are a tad elusive which means that either there are fewer than seven, or that all seven cannot be seen from the trails! Some fall color was still in evidence but it has passed its prime. Yours Truly hates to admit it but some of the hikers in our club, including herself, also may have passed our peak, but we keep on trucking!

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Thirty-two TrailBlazers under the command of Captain Becky headed to the Pelsor area on a perfect autumn day to hike two scenic loops. We were all champing at the bit to get on the trail again because the last two weeks our hikes were canceled due to weather concerns. 

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Thirty-one TrailBlazers, both old and new, picked a beautiful morning to make the short drive to Lake Alma to hike and clean up under Linda’s lead. You might say we were “bag ladies” (and a few bag men!) in the best sense of the words since we were picking up junk left by lazy folks who can pack it in but can’t seem to summon the energy to haul it out! We divided into 2 groups either going clockwise or counterclockwise around the lake and eventually meeting halfway. Yours Truly was glad she went counterclockwise because the rocky part was on the far side and that area had already been cleaned up before her group got there! That was a stroke of genius on her part and therefore will be stored in long term memory! 

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By Becky’s best guesstimate a record breaking four score and twelve (aka 92 – love that Gettysburg Address language!) hikers showed up at Devil’s Den for our 14th season opener picnic. Great weather awaited us. We had enough people to form 4 hiking groups, one on Lee Creek trail, another scrambling in the crevices, and two groups on the Devil’s Den Trail starting at opposite ends and meeting in the middle. This led to a hiking stick showdown on the trail between Linda and Yours Truly; naturally YT won with her 2 stick to one advantage! All is fair in love and war! There used to be a whole bunch of rock cairns along Lee Creek, but most are gone so a few of us made some new ones.
2015-10-04 14th Season Kickoff Picnic

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