Thirteen TrailBlazers, only 2 of the male persuasion, under the lead of Captain Linda had a perfect day for hiking around Lincoln Lake.

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On St. Patrick’s Day our own Jim Warnock presented a program on his recent back pack hike with friends Bob Cable and Steve Foster to complete the entire OHT in sequence.

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Ten TrailBlazers, including Billigene, headed for Ponca under the command of Judith and Ed to hike the trail down to Big Bluff. The weather casters got it wrong and we had no rain at all on the trail. Yours Truly rode in a carful of men and at our favorite Clarksville pit stop had the unique experience of having to make an executive decision between 2 empty stalls in the rest room – unheard of for Lady TrailBlazers!

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On an overcast day 26 TrailBlazers, 2 canines, and 1 cockatiel under the command of Captain Katie headed to OK to hike at Robbers Cave State Park near Wilburton. It was about time since we have had to cancel and re-schedule beaucoup hikes this winter due to bad weather or conditions. We began to think this particular hike was jinxed so we finally caught a break and had a good turnout The weather was very pleasant for hiking and the sun even came out toward the end.

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Headed to the Black Hills, 29 TrailBlazers on a rainy Saturday checked out the Corn Palace in Mitchell, the Badlands complete with juvenile and female Bighorn sheep as well as prairie dogs, and hokey Wall Drug, all en route to our great digs in Lead. Trip trivia: great weather and food, miles and miles of open skies and emerald hills, fluffy white clouds, a medical emergency that ended well, first light shining in the windows by 4:30 am – groan!, springtime with lilacs galore, and many wine-tasting and photo ops.

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PicnicBlazersTwo score plus 3, give or take, TrailBlazers and at least 3 canines headed up to Devil’s Den on a hot, steamy afternoon for our end of season hike and picnic. If truth be told, and Yours Truly always tells the truth more or less, a fair number of our members took a vicarious hike by sitting around chatting in the shade! They will not be “outed” here since text length limitations on the home page preclude listing the names of so many slackers!

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Eighteen TrailBlazers and one canine managed to get to Lake Alma even though the road-powers-to-be decided to block off the westbound Highway 64 exit on northbound 540; many of us use this to exit to our meeting place! Getting creative, we found our way to the rendezvous and reached the trailhead in no time where a treat was in store for us.

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