Unfavorable weather caused the cancelation of a few recent hikes. However a quick decision yesterday to plan a local hike for today proved to be a great idea. Word spread quickly through this site, texts, and emails. Seventeen enthusiasts met at the McClure Amphitheater eager to take advantage of another opportunity to get outdoors, visit, and, of course, hike.

Fourteen showed up for the winter trek at Petit Jean. The day started out really chilly but normal for this time of year. After we crossed the creek and started up the mountain, jackets came off.  The breeze and later the cloudy sky kept the temps cool.

I woke up early this morning after listening to the rain during the night and I thought I made a mistake by not canceling the hike. The rain did stop as predicted but it was foggy.

Nineteen Trailblazers weren’t afraid to take a chance on the weather to get in a short hike between rain showers. Clouds loomed, but spirits were high, and all were glad to have another excuse to get outdoors and walk. Our trek began behind Judge Parker’s Courthouse, continuing to Belle Point.  Views of the Poteau and Arkansas Rivers could be enjoyed from the trail.

Twenty-two intrepid hikers braved cool temperatures that felt downright cold due to the wind that whipped up whitecaps on Cove Lake.  We parked in the free parking area on the north side of the dam and hiked the loop in a clockwise manner.  We warmed up nicely when we left the main trail to climb to the lookout to view Mt. Magazine.  The trip down was way easier and the rest of the hike more moderate. 

Thirteen TrailBlazers braved the elements to hike White Rock Mountain Rim Loop.  

Eleven Trailblazers braved the cold to hike the Lost Bridge Loop at Beaver Lake.  Although it was a beautiful winter day, there was only one other car in the parking lot and we never saw another person on the trail.