We were surprised to find that the Corp didn't know we were coming... and the gates to the parking lot were locked. You can't keep us from the trails, so we entered (at our own risk). 

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The November General Meeting featured Tim Ernst and his slideshow of pictures from his new book, "Arkansas Beauty".  Tim has presented several slide shows in years past for the TrailBlazers and this one was certainly up to par.

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At least twenty six hikers braved a fierce wind and dropping temperatures to make the loop around Alma Lake. Not everyone signed up and getting the group together for a picture proved challenging, thus the estimated total.  We did get together for a partial group picture at the intersection leading to the waterfall, later dubbed the water drizzle.  Those who had not seen it before enjoyed the short hike off the main trail.

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Eighteen TrailBlazers headed to Petit Jean State Park to hike the 4.5 mile Seven Hollows Trail. We left Fort Smith under a grey sky with frigid temps but found blue sky and sunshine as we neared the park.


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Nineteen TrailBlazers under Peggy’s lead took the scenic drive on highway 22 to head to Mt. Magazine in search of fall color.  As we drove Highway 309 toward the park we saw beautiful color galore along the road.  Skies were a little gray but all of a sudden the sky was brighter and the sun came out!  Lots of times it is like a foggy cloud in the park.  We thought we were lucking out this time, but by the time we reached the Visitors Center it was gray and windy!  Later the winds died down and we felt warm hiking because of the humidity.


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Twenty-three TrailBlazers, under the command of Danny and his able assistant Becky, headed for the Pelsor area on a very brisk morning, but nowhere near as cold as at least three hikes that Yours Truly can dredge up from the deepest recesses of her brain!  It was a beautiful drive with blue skies and sunshine and touches of fall color here and there.  Wild Bill, a glutton for punishment, chose to ride his motorcycle but he was appropriately decked out for the weather!  We were once again pleased to welcome some newcomers and tried not to scare them off on their first visit!


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Nineteen TrailBlazers under the command of Buffalo Bob headed up the Pig Trail Scenic Highway (Highway23) to Hike Hare Mountain.  There were lots of beautiful green fields along the way because this area must have had more rain than some of us!  Eventually we got on the rocky gravel road toward our destination.  There were lots of people camped in clearings along the road obviously there to start off the hunting season.  Only a few of us were wearing orange but we are so noisy that no self-respecting hunters or deer would want anything to do with us!


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