Twenty-Five TrailBlazers headed out for Mt. Nebo on scenic Highway 22 but we did not yet see fall foliage.  We did manage to find a shortcut that cut off some mileage but alas we never did see First Free Will Baptist Church mentioned in our instructions!  However, some of us did see it on the way back because we missed the shortcut back!


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About 65 TrailBlazers had a warm and sunny day to drive up to Devil’s Den to kick off our new season.  We had a great turnout and we were happy to see old friends as well as to meet new ones.

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Eleven TrailBlazers drove up to Lake Fort Smith to participate in the Great Arkansas Cleanup at the park.  After signing up some worked in the campground area and 6 others went out in canoes to pick up junk in the lake.  They were given T-shirts that said either Volunteer or Clean - Green.

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Today we assembled at the Nature Center for the first activity of the 2017-2018 hiking season.  We enjoyed refreshments and visited with people new and old.  Our program was to inform us about the bear and big cat population in Arkansas.  OK, OK, hold your horses and don’t be so impatient!  Yours Truly knows you are champing at the bit to hear about the surprise.


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Thirty-three TrailBlazers and 2 canines made the short drive to Springhill Park for our end of season picnic.  Normally we meet at Devil’s Den but a computer glitch at the park made us lose our reservation. Nevertheless, Springhill was fine for our get together.


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On a gray, rainy, sometimes muddy, Friday sixteen TrailBlazers headed toward Jasper for our annual pilgrimage to Buffalo Lodge to seek fun and adventure either/or on the trails or the Buffalo River.  En route Bill and Yours Truly checked Lost Valley Trailhead that had a roaring creek to cross and the Ponca Access to the Buffalo River that had high water flowing over the low water bridge!


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On a beautiful spring day twenty-one TrailBlazers and one canine under the leadership of Becky made our annual pilgrimage to some beautiful waterfalls on these two short hikes.  Glory Hole is truly unique and well worth seeing more than once!

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