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The TrailBlazers Hiking Club is a group based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, dedicated to enjoying the outdoors in the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. THCFS schedules several hikes a month, some long and some short, some difficult and some more laid-back. Some of us have hiked for years and some just started, but we all enjoy the outdoors. If this describes you and you're in the area, you're welcome in our group!

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Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014 - Fall Kick-Off at Devils Den State Park
Saturday, Oct 11, 2014 - Lake Alma Trail
Saturday, Oct 18, 2014 - Mt Nebo Rim Trail
Saturday, Oct 25, 2014 - Hawksbill Crag/Lost Valley

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Hike Report

2014-09-23 Fort Smith Trails Program
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2014-09-23 Fort Smith Trails Program Tonight Mike Alsup, Director of Parks and Recreation, gave us an interesting presentation on the Fort Smith Trails and Greenways master plan to expand the system in Fort Smith. Fortunately the sales and use tax was approved providing some much needed funding. Up until now the county had done more than the city due to finances. The plan is to do work on the River Valley Sports Complex, the River Valley Pavilion, Creekmore tennis courts, neighborhood parks, and trails. The plan for the latter is to eventually create over 80 miles of trails that are 10 ft. wide, paved, and multi-use except for motorized vehicles.

The Rice Carden Levee Trail was recently completed and work is to be started on the River West Trail as well Mill Creek South Trail. The purpose for this system is for recreation, to provide a place for interaction of people who love the outdoors, health and wellness, improvement of the community image, support of economic development, and protection of environmental resources.

Mike told us that people can also become involved in these projects by giving input at planning meetings that are open to the public and doing volunteer work on construction and cleanup of trails when there is a need for it. Thank you to Mike for speaking to us about something that is of great interest to many people including the TrailBlazers!



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