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The TrailBlazers Hiking Club is a group based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, dedicated to enjoying the outdoors in the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. THCFS schedules several hikes a month, some long and some short, some difficult and some more laid-back. Some of us have hiked for years and some just started, but we all enjoy the outdoors. If this describes you and you're in the area, you're welcome in our group!

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Sunday, May 3, 2015 - Spring Finale at Devils Den State Park

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Hike Report

2015-05-04 White Rock Rim Loop
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Five TrailBlazers, recruited by Yours Truly, headed up Highway 215 to the top of White Rock to experience its springtime and do a post-season trek on a beautiful day. We hiked here last year early in May and were delighted by everything in bloom. Larry drove us up the gravel road in his truck and the road was not terrible, but it definitely had a few bumps that could have jarred a few teeth loose if our chauffeur had been driving too fast! Good job, Larry! We had the place to ourselves, so we didnít have to eat anybodyís dust on the road or pass any vehicles on a road that is narrow in places.

Spring has sprung there as there was lush vegetation everywhere including blackberry bushes in full bloom, fragrant wild azaleas, phlox, honeysuckle, and budding hickory trees. There were some beautiful, elusive butterflies as well as many songbirds. There are lookouts with gorgeous panoramic views in several places, 3 open shelters along the way, and numerous beautiful bluff lines. This is a neat hike because it is only about an hourís drive and is only a little over 2 miles of great scenery and vegetation worthy of exploration. There is plenty of time to really look around. Yours Truly of the bad knees awards this trail her coveted Knee-friendly Rating! The only fly in the ointment is that there are several places where you must watch your footing due to steep drops close to the edge, so it might not be suitable for pets or unruly rug rats who march only to the beat of their own drums!

There is still time to check out this lovely trail for yourself!



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