From shivering in the cold at Home Depot parking lot to a windy greeting at the Visitor’s Center on Mt Magazine to layer shedding on the trail, TrailBlazers experienced a 30-degree warm up during our hike on the Bear Hollow Trail. 

It was a beautiful fall day with blue skies and some color left in the trees – especially if viewed through sun glasses. We shuttled cars to Benefield Picnic area, then began our trek at the Horse Camp parking area.  The trail was deep in leaves making for some tricky maneuvering along the rocky path.  There were a couple of wet crossings but the drainages were mostly dry. We had lunch at our usual spot, Sunrise Point, before making our way to Benefield Picnic area.  We crossed the highway and hiked along a rim trail where there were great views of the valley and Blue Mountain Lake. Seven first-timers hiked with us – Gerry, Steve, Debbie, Tammy, Dena, Lilly and Aliah.  Welcome! We hope you will join us again.