We were scheduled to go to Sam’s Throne today but it was canceled for the second time due to the forecast of storms Saturday morning.

We made an alternate plan to hike Redding Loop which is only about an hour’s drive and to leave at 9 AM.  Our local meteorologists, Garrett and Joe, forecast storms ending by 8 AM and they did.  We drove through rain but by the time we reached Turner’s Bend it stopped. Redding Loop starts out with a steady uphill so it didn’t take long for us to shed our jackets and soon most were down to shirt sleeves as blue sky and the sun appeared.  As we were getting close to crossing Morgan Mountain Road, we heard the roar of noisy motors approaching and watched a parade of 24 ATVs passing by. It was a treat to see waterfalls in several of the drainages that are usually dry. The high westerly winds were whipping the tree tops back and forth. We drove from Redding to hike the short trail to High Bank Twin Waterfalls that were flowing nicely after the morning rain. Our adventuresome Bill bushwhacked and climbed to the top of the bluff line. He answered the million dollar question: Is there one creek that splits or is it two creeks flowing over the bluff? Inquiring minds want to know!  The answer? Two creeks! We had a small group of hikers today but all of us were happy to have such a beautiful day to spend outdoors.